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Thermoskin Sport Knee Stabiliser Adjustable with G7 Trioxon Flex Lining (1 Unit/Pc)

SKU 71 84793

Provides compression, medial and lateral support and heat therapy for the knee during periods of increased activity. Flexibility to position side stabilisers dependent on how support wraps to ensure support is given to the correct area.

Step 1: Checking the access points to the side stabilisers are at the top of the support position the middle of the Sport Knee Stabiliser behind your knee and then wrap the bottom straps towards each other and secure underneath your patella.

Step 2: Wrap the top straps towards each other and secure above your patella. Adjust to the desired level of compression.

Step 3: Gently bend your knee to assess the side stabiliser positioning, if required you can slide the side stabilisers out from the top of the support and then re-position in one of the three pouch options.

Measure the circumference around the kneecap in a standing position.
S/M : 28 – 35           
L/XL: 35½ - 43         

S/M : 11 - 13¾
L/XL : 14 - 17



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