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Thermoskin Sacroiliac Support Belt (1 Unit/Pc)

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Slimline design belt with adjustable VR tabs for a comforting fit, the SI belt provides compression and stability support for the sacroiliac joint. This belt provides better stability through the core areas of the pelvis, hip and lower back to help reduce injury.

1. Loosen all fasteners before putting on belt.
2. Wear the Sacroiliac Belt just below the belt line, across the sides of your hips.
3. Wrap the belt around your hips and join firmly at the front.
4. Pull the two elastic side bands around toward the front and affix firmly.
5. Sacroiliac Belt can be worn during the day to give support as required.

When to use
1. Prevention: Thermoskin may be worn prior, during or after activities to help prevent soft tissue injuries.
2. Treatment: Thermoskin can be a valuable complement to present methods of treatment. Worn almost anywhere and anytime.
3. Rehabilitation: Thermoskin is an important adjunct in helping rehabilitate injuries as it allows soft tissue to become fully extensible and more responsive to therapy and exercise following surgery, lay-off or overuse injury.

Injury List
Sacroiliac Dysfunction (Inflammation of the Sacroiliac Joint)
Low Back Pain (Lumbago)

Related Injuries
Weak Pelvis
Sacroiliac Injury

Sizes in cm (Measure below the hipline)
S -74-89



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