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We turned 5 this month 🍰 FREE Shipping on all orders ✨

Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth Feature BP B3 BT

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The dark coloured BP B3 BT is the latest blood pressure monitor from the 4th generation of Microlife and also with the most intelligent features. The BP B3 BT has 2 x 99 data memory so that each of the two users can save their values separately.

Additionally, after each measurement, it informs you if your latest reading is above, equal to, or below the saved monthly average. For patients who want to go a little further, the BP B3 BT even calculates their individual clinical blood pressure value,  according to international hypertension guidelines. The highlight, however, is the continuously improving Microlife Connected Health + app, in which data protection is a top priority so that you can save your values locally or on the Microlife Cloud.



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