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Freeman Beauty Marble Pore Cleansing Dual Chamber Peel Off Mask

Freeman Beauty Marble Pore Cleansing Dual Chamber Peel Off Mask

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Yes honey, you’re a work of art! A masterpiece only deserves the best and most beautiful mask in the market, and we have it! Let your creativity come through with this dual chamber Marble-like mask! The mixture of the gorgeous Blue Tansy and Pink French Clay isn’t only pleasing to the eye, but does wonders for your skin! French Pink Clay is used to cleanse and detoxify the skin, remove dead skin cells and create an overall refreshed appearance while treating acne and other skin ailments, while Blue Tansy contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help calm your skin down after a long day. Moreover, this being a peel of mask literally peels off dirt deep in pores! So marvel at this innovative marble mask and get yours now!


  • Acne
  • Clogged Pores
  • Dull Skin
  • Irritated Skin

How to use

Fold sachet in half lengthwise and tear open at bottom notches. Hold and squeeze out both masks into the palm of your hand. Do not mix. Apply directly onto the face. Use fewer strokes for the best marble effect. Avoid eyes, eyebrows, hairline and lips. Leave for 10-15 minutes or until dry. Gently peel off the mask from bottom to top. Rinse with warm water.


French Pink Clay helps detoxify and remove dead skin cells while Blue Tansy helps calm irritation and soothes dry skin.

Storage Instructions

It's best to store peel-off masks out of direct sunlight and at cool room temperature.

Allergy information

Perform a patch test for these products by applying them onto a clean patch of skin. Monitor for 24 hours. If no irritation or redness occurs, this product is safe for you. 

2 x 0.24oz / 7m (14ml)

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