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Microlife Hygienic Probe Covers 20’s (IR 210)

Microlife Hygienic Probe Covers 20’s (IR 210)


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Using a disposable hygienic probe cover with each measurement is recommended to assure accuracy and sanitary practice. These probe covers are suitable for use with the Microlife infrared ear thermometers IRx10 and IRx60 series.

  • Safe: Eliminates the risk of transferring germs by cross-contamination
  • Hygienic: Keep the thermometer tip clean when multiple family members are running a fever
  • Accuracy: Ensure earwax residues do not impact accuracy of the reading
  • 0% BPA, Latex
  • Box contains 20 covers
  • Compatible with IRx10 and IRx60 series
  • US Patent No 4.911.559


Keep the Microlife probe covers away from direct exposure to the sun and keep it in a dust-free, dry area at a temperature between 10ºC - 40ºC 


Always use the Digital Infrared Ear Thermometer with a new undamaged Microlife Probe Cover in order to prevent infection. The use of other or no probe covers lead to wrong measuring results. Therefore, always load a fresh Microlife Probe Cover on the measuring tip by using light pressure until it properly engages. (Please refer to the instruction manual).


Is it safe to fully insert the probe in the ear of children and babies?
Yes, the probe is too short to reach the eardrum. The ear canal of babies and small children is smaller than the probe of the thermometer so it cannot reach the sensitive parts of the ear. Pull the ear as explained in the instruction manual and gently insert the probe into the ear. When you feel resistance from the ear, don't push any further and maintain the position.
Why do I get different results from left to right ear?
Temperature can vary slightly from left to right ear because of the amounts of dirt or earwax present or due to individual variations. Please note the position of the probe tip during measurement can have an influence on the results. It is very important to straighten the ear canal and insert the probe tip comfortably and completely in the ear canal to ensure accuracy.

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