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We turned 5 this month 🍰 FREE Shipping on all orders ✨
We turned 5 this month 🍰 FREE Shipping on all orders ✨

Freeman Beauty Flirty Feet Foamy Foot Buffer

SKU 66 42981
About this product:
How much do you miss your pamper sessions at the spa? We have THE product for you. Get pedicure results at home with this new, innovative, foamy foot buffer infused with body wash, coconut oil, and shea butter to clean, polish and hydrate rough skin. Lather up and scrub-a-dub-dub on your rough and dry feet and heels for baby smooth feet! Plus, feel the therapeutic, massage-like sensation on your feet! Best of all, this buffer is antimicrobial to ensure it's safe and clean for your every use!

Rough feet & heels
Dry skin on feet & heels
Removes dead skin, dirt and stains in between toes, feet & heels
Equally effective on knees, hands and elbows

How to use:
Wet sponge and squeeze to create lather, massage in circular motion on feet.Use daily or as often as needed. Up to 20+ uses.


Coconut Oil, and Shea Butter to clean, polish, and hydrate rough skin.

Storage Instructions:
It's best to keep the foot buffer dry and avoid submerging in water after every use. Do not squeeze on running water to remove the soap. Rinse and leave to store at cool room temperature.

Allergy information:
Perform a patch test for these products by applying them onto a clean patch of skin. Monitor for 24 hours. If no irritation or redness occurs, this product is safe for you.


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