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Esentiel Epsom Salt 1.2kg

Esentiel Epsom Salt 1.2kg

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Food-Grade Epsom Salt Crystals from Esentiel is ideal for use after sport activities and exercise, its formula is made of pure magnesium sulphate to eliminate toxins and reduce fluid retention, whilst easing aching and relieving heavy legs.

Helping to supplement skin with optimum levels of magnesium and sulphate, the salt increases energy production, banishes fatigue and minimises soreness of limbs so you can experience a healthy, detoxified body with restored comfort and improved recovery time after workouts.

  • muscle relaxant
  • relieves muscle aches
  • relieves stiffness of joints


Epsom Bath: Add 2 cups to a warm bath and soak.
Foot Soak: Add 1/2 cup to a large pan of warm water. Soak feet for as long as you desire. Rinse and dry.


For external use only.

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