Vanilla Orchid Anti-Cellulite Body Wash

Vanilla Orchid Anti-Cellulite Body Wash


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  • This all-in-one sponge has been infused with premium-quality body wash.
  • Multi-Sal technology and muscle-toning ingredients for a scrub that invigorates, cleanses, moisturises and reduces the appearance of cellulite all at once.
  • Time-release technology delivers the perfect amount of creamy lather every shower, while the spa-quality sponge exfoliates, softens and improves blood circulation.
  • Your body will feel smoother and look tighter with every wash.
  • This 6-in-1 beauty treatment can be used every day or as a special skin treat.
  • Sweet Vanilla Fragrance.
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.
  • Made in USA

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