Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat


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"Using a Base Coat before painting your nails is a must as it acts as a form of protection barrier for your nails and helps the nail polish to apply smoothly and last longer. I like how the Seche Ridge Filling Base Coat not only does all that but also contains ingredients which helps to fill-in ridges, making my nails appear smoother" ❤️Ms Blush


  • Specially formulated to help disguise nail imperfections.
  • Its incomparable bonding ability gives Seche Vite the best anchor to hold on to.
  • Contains micro-fine crystals and natural clays to fill in ridges leaving nails with a glass-smooth appearance

  • Easy to Apply

  • A standard base coat dries to a hard durable, slightly shimmering finish

  • Made in USA

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