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Boo 👻 Happy Halloween, you handsome lil monster 🎃✨
Boo 👻 Happy Halloween, you handsome lil monster 🎃✨

Microlife Digital Thermometer MT16A1

SKU 30 MT16A1

Product Features

  • Model: MT16A1
  • Digital Classic Thermometer
  • Bar code 4719003 030148
  • Faster Measurement
  • Compact Top Switch Design
  • Beeper function
  • Waterproof
  • Auto Memory Recall
  • Automatic self test
  • Low battery indication
  • Easy battery change


        10-Seconds technology 
        Trademark no. 559900 (CH)

        Microlife's new 10-seconds highspeed technology is part of our newest Digital Thermometers. An advancement in the design and assembly of the measuring tip (patent) allows for temperature measurement in as little as 10-seconds, more than 4 times faster than conventional digital thermometers.

        • Maximum precision and accuracy of temperature measurement are achieved through the use of microcomputer technology in the advanced sensor tip.
        • The Microlife sensor tip is a very unique piece of technology which is protected by a patent.




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