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Boo 👻 Happy Halloween, you handsome lil monster 🎃✨
Boo 👻 Happy Halloween, you handsome lil monster 🎃✨

Microlife Compressor Nebuliser NEB200

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The Microlife NEB 200 Active is an every day compressor nebuliser suitable for the whole family. It's convenient small size allows easy transportation and storage without taking up too much space. Nebuliser holder keep the nebuliser in its holder on the back of the device, so it will be handy for the next treatment.

Innovative nebulisation system for efficient treatment

  • Efficient treatment ― For the upper and lower respiratory tract
  • Fast treatment ― High speed nebuliser for short inhalation times
  • Easy one button operation ― Suitable for the whole family
  • Safe and hygienic ― Accessories are washable and disinfectable
  • Suitable for all common inhalation solutions
  • Reliable piston pump
  • Fully equipped with adult and child face mask, mouthpiece, nosepiece, 5 spare filters, air hose, and carrying bag
  • Registered with Medical Device Authority (MDA) Malaysia 


  • Size: 103 x 160 x 140 mm
  • Weight: 1306 g
  • Nebulisation rate: 0.40 ml/min
  • Particle size: 2.83 µm (MMAD)
  • Operating cycle: 30 min ON / 30 min OFF
  • Warranty: 3 Years  

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