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Nature's Bounty Ester C 500mg with Bioflavonoids (90 Caplets) Twinpack (Expiry Date :05/2023)

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Ester-C® is a unique, exclusive form of Vitamin C designed to stay in white blood cells for 24-hours, providing  with around-the-clock immune system support.

Powerful Immune Protection                
Your body can’t store vitamin C, to be sure you’re getting enough, Natures Bounty Ester-C is a unique patented form of vitamin C  that gives you powerful immune system support- for up to 24 hours.                
Enhanced Absorption and Better Retention                
Natures Bounty Ester-C promotes rapid absorption and helps the body retain the vitamin C. Absorption into the body is enhanced by a citrus bioflavonoid complex called C-Sorb, which increases vitamin C levels within immune cells.                
Stomach-Friendly , Non-Acidic                        
Natures Bounty Ester-C is uniquely valued for its non-acidic, stomach-friendly nature. Because Ester-C is pH-neutral and buffered with  calcium, it is the number one choice for people with sensitive stomach.                
Suitable for Vegetarians                
Natures Bounty Ester-C is formulated in a caplet form . It is specially coated for easy swallowing .                        

  • Powerful Immune Protection
  • Enhanced Absorption and Better Retention
  • Stomach-Friendly , Non-Acidic   
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • 90 Caplets per Bottle
  • Made in USA
  • Expiry Date :07/2022


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