About us

The idea of Lush N’ Blush first came about in 2013 when we decided to start a place where discerning shoppers could get hold of premium beauty and skincare brands without having to search through countless shelves or poke holes in their bank accounts.

With the Lush N’ Blush Re-Launch in 2016, we stayed true to our focus of bringing you only the best quality brands from around the globe, at prices to fit every pocket and need. Whatever you choose, you can be sure it'll work wonders!

Being avid online shoppers ourselves, we felt that shopping online sometimes meant that you lose that shopping experience. That’s why we make it a priority ours to ensure that every shopping experience in Lush N’ Blush is accompanied with the best possible Customer Service, Packaging and Delivery.

At Lush N’ Blush, we offer a wide and ever growing range of Beauty, Health and Lifestyle products as well as advice on how to select products that will suit you because we understand that everyone is unique and we want to help you embrace that uniqueness and beauty that can be found in it!

Ms Blush

Ms Blush is a lover of all things related to beauty and grooming. She is always on the lookout for new and exciting beauty innovations. Her interests include but is not limited to nail care, skincare, haircare and healthcare. Constantly on the lookout for the next big thing in health and beauty as well as ways to improve her beauty regime; She thrives on sharing her wealth of knowledge and tips & tricks with fellow beauty lovers and believes that knowledge best honoured by sharing. Have a question for Ms Blush? Don't be shy, submit it HERE.



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