Nervous about COVID-19?

Nervous about COVID-19?

It's a challenging 2021. After nearly 16 months of MCO, CMCO, EMCO (yada yada) and we are still back to square one since March 2020. We all been through a lot but, none of us have been through a global pandemic like this before. You might feel different, lonely or getting out of control.

Need help? Check out these mental helplines you can reach out to for help in Malaysia.


Befrienders is a not-for-profit organisation providing emotional support to everyone regardless of race, religion, age, gender or sexual orientation. 

✆ 03-7627 2929 KL
✆ 04-2910 100 Penang
✆ 05-2380 485 Ipoh
✆ 06-2250 791 Melaka
✆ 06-6231 772 Seremban

Talian Kasih

The Talian Kasih hotline is set up by the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry. Among the issues handled via the hotline were on financial constraints, marital problems, child abuse and domestic violence.

✆ 15999 
✆ 019-2615 999
24 Hours


The Malaysia Mental Health Association is a non-profit voluntary organisation formed by a group of psychiatrists, psychologists, medical social workers, nurses and occupational therapists involved in the management of the people with mentally disorders.

✆ 017-613 3039
10AM - 5PM
mon - fri


Naluri is made up of dedicated professionals to support those looking to build lasting habits and stronger mental resilience.
03-8408 1748
24 Hours

Talian Sokongan Psikososial COVID-19

MERCY Malaysia is a Volunteer Relief Organization that provides medical and humanitarian services and psychological counselling for frontliners and for Malaysians.

✆ 03-8870 7519
✆ 03-8870 7527
✆ 03-8870 7528
✆ 03-8880 4300
830AM - 430PM
mon - fri


Sneham Malaysia is the first NGO in Malaysia to offer Tamil counselling services for the depressed and emotional victims on suicide prevention. 

✆ 1800-22-5757
4PM - 8PM

Buddy Bear

The Buddy Bear Childline is here to support children and teens in Malaysia who are experiencing emotional distress due to the COVID-19 Pandemic but not limited to:
● Isolation/loneliness
● Conflicts with siblings/parents
● Self-harm, sexual harassment and abuse
● Academic stress

✆ 03-7999 5550
✆ 1800-18-BEAR
12PM - 12AM

Stay Strong Together

Let's build a supportive network with your friends and family and share this article with someone who needs it. We wish you the best with your transition.

#KitaJagaKita #Survival #StayStrong #MentalHealth 

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