Microlife turns 40

Microlife turns 40

Celebrating its 40th Anniversary of being the world’s leading manufacturer of blood pressure monitors and thermometers: Microlife’s success story began in 1981 and continues to research in the field of home diagnostics diagnostic equipment.

"As we celebrate our 40 years anniversary, we will continue to stay true to our core values to adhere to a clinical based approach to develop new medical technology that will empower customers in matters related to their health management." says Albert Lim, CEO Microlife Corporation

40 years of Microlife at a glance

Award for high design quality: Microlife NC 200 receives the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018

Microlife receives the German Design Award "Special Mention" prize for the Blood Pressure Monitor BP A6 PC

Microlife BP A6 PC receives the "Red Dot" design award

Microlife BPA 100 receives the "Red Dot" design award

Microlife AG in Switzerland certified by RW TÜV according to ISO 9002.

Certification by RW TÜV of the headquarters and factory according to ISO9001 and EN46001 standards for CE approval on the basis of MDD.

Micro Idea Instruments Co. Ltd is founded.

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credits: microlife.com

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