Is Your Skin Purging or Breaking Out?

Is Your Skin Purging or Breaking Out?

"Skin purging is real!" "Is my skin purging or breaking out?" This is a question we get a lot.

A skin purge simply refers to the reaction some skin has to a specific active ingredient that causing your skin to slough off that top layer of dead skin cells, and can bring congestion to the surface. 

Changing to a new skincare

Changing to a new skincare at a short time can cause the skin to react differently, sometimes experience an adverse reaction like an increase in breakouts or dry, flaky skin because your new skincare contains active ingredients that may increases skin cells turnover (usually takes from a week to 6 weeks depending on individual), causing you to shed more dead skin cells than usual.

Usually an allergic reaction will caused peeling, itchiness, blotches and pain on the skin. Some enzyme and acid-based ingredients can cause mild stinging of the skin for about a minute, but - if your skin feels like it’s on fire — wash it off!

An Allergic Reaction

Itching, rash-like skin, welts, throat swelling, and coughing are signs of an allergic reaction. And if you experience any of the aforementioned, then it’s a red flag.


Post-facial Breakout

In reality, when you leave a facial, your skin is often a little red, patchy and irritated, especially if you’ve had steaming, manual extractions or a peel. Otherwise, the days following a facial should be your better skin days. During a facial, skin is well stimulated and much of what’s below the surface is encouraged to come up and out. You may also want to consider going makeup-free for a day or two, so that your pores can breathe and to prevent any bacteria from being passed by makeup brushes. Avoid another exfoliation for 5-7 days post treatment. 





In a breakout, the appearance of the acne and blackheads can be concentrated on any area of the face. Breakouts don’t benefit the skin, they leave marks and blemishes when they go. This is different compare to purging, it usually appears uniformly all over the face and they do not leave marks on your skin. It's important to go for a “less is more” approach for those who are acne-prone. Try a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen until you’re in the clear.

Good luck!

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