7 Foot Care Hacks for Tired and Sore Feet

7 Foot Care Hacks for Tired and Sore Feet

Let us take care of our feet as they carry us around for our whole life! Here's some inspiration for the goals of healthy, pain-free, ulcer-free feet. ❤️🦶

1. Try compression socks or shoe insole
Compression socks don’t directly heal your achy feet, but they help prevent swelling by pushing the blood from your feet and legs back to the heart. You can also use shoe inserts to provide extra cushion and prevent foot abnormalities.

2. Alternate your shoes
Wearing the same shoes also allows them to come into contact with the same pressure points of the feet, leading to repetitive strain injury. Ideally, you should have at least two pairs of shoes which they can alternate to keep the feet healthy and free from smells.

3. Fight foot cramps with healthy snacks
Snacking on potassium-rich foods like banana can give your body a supply of fluids and electrolytes necessary for metabolism.

4. Use anti-fatigue mats
If you stand in the same area for hours, try placing a specialized “anti-fatigue” mats over concrete surfaces. You can also use other alternatives, as long as they can provide sufficient padding for the feet.

5. Maintain a healthy weight
The heavier you are, the more stress you put on your feet.

6. Have a mini foot spa at home
Soak your feet in a dishpan of warm water, Epsom salt and essential oils.

7. Roll your feet over a tennis ball or baseball
It can relieve muscle tension and reduce foot pain. For better results, get a foot massage with foot lotion.

Remember, make an appointment with your podiatrist to ensure there's no underlying medical condition that is causing your persistent foot pain.

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