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8 Hot Weather Beauty Hacks

8 Hot Weather Beauty Hacks

We all know that there is nothing worse than living in unbearable heat  day and night. These are some of the beauty tricks to help you beat the heat.

The Hack: Refrigerator

  • Try putting your favorite face or eye cream in the refrigerator, and apply before bed for a cooling effect.
  • Freeze or chill 100% Aloe Vera gel to apply on sunburned skin. The Aloe Vera has a natural soothing effect, and the extra cooling will help to ease the sting of a bad burn.
  • The fridge also works wonders in preventing bubbles from forming in your nail polish. Just a few hours in the cool air will ensure a smooth application.
  • An oldie, but goodie: stick melted lipstick in the fridge to reshape and harden a goopy mess.

The Hack: Deodorant

  • The last thing I want to do when it’s hot outside is heat style my hair. To keep it a sweat-free affair, apply a bit of deodorant on your neck. This will repel sweat and keep you cool as a cucumber during your blowout.
  • A little Aloe Vera deodorant goes a long way for areas that chafe due to extra sweat— I’m talkin’ to you, thighs!
  • Deodorant can also help to combat a shiny face. Simply dab a little on your finger, and blot at your t-zone or hairline to stay sweat-free.

The Hack: Chilled Water

  • Make a cooling face mist by steeping green tea bags in chilly water for 2 hours, and then pouring it into a spray bottle before applying makeup. According to skincare experts, it helps to refresh skin, improve circulation, and prime pores before makeup application. Alternatively, you can use Evian Facial Mist with pure goodness of natural mineral water from French Alps.



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